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Storytelling mothers inspire rural kids
讀樂樂 故事媽媽下鄉

The storytelling mothers of the Pingtung County Story Society inspire students to read by telling vivid stories in a Pingtung County school on March 9.

Photo: Lo Hsin-chen, Liberty Times

Stories can inspire the imagination and open the door to the world of reading. The Pingtung County Story Society, established by a group of mothers, has offered services in the countryside for five years, planting the seeds of reading in schools in remote areas. Although many of the mothers’ children are already in university, they go on and never get tired of their work.

The society has 100 members that regularly tell stories in the county’s elementary and junior high schools. Su Yu-hsuan, the society director, says that at first, most members will only volunteer to tell stories at their own children’s school, but that after a while the storytelling will grow on them and they expand the number of schools they visit and do not stop even after their own children have graduated.

“What was the name of the main character that was fighting a serious illness in the story you told last time?” Storytelling mother Pan Tzu-yun says one should not think that children only listen to a story and then forget about it; they will take it all in and slowly digest it. To her pleasant surprise, a student once asked her about a story she had told the year before. She believes the moral of the stories imperceptibly becomes part of the children’s lives.

(Liberty Times, translated by Perry Svensson)






1. inspire v.

啟發 (qi3 fa1)

例: That was a very inspiring speech; now I’m really motivated to get started.


2. plant the seeds phr.

散播種子 (san4 bo1 zhong2 zi3)

例: It is important to plant the seeds of cooperation as early as possible.


3. take it all in v.

放進心裡, 記在心裡 (fang4 jin4 xin1 li3, ji4 zai4 xin1 li3)

例: I know that it is a lot of information, but you just have to take it all in and then think about it.


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