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A condition of the heart

A 91-year-old woman with aortic stenosis — narrowing of the aortic valve — could not have surgery to deal with the condition due to the high degree of risk in having open heart surgery. Last year she got appendicitis, but was prevented from having surgery for this because of her heart condition. Her only option was to control it with antibiotics, with the result that it kept recurring. Her heart condition had by this time got to the stage where something had to be done about it, and following an evaluation by her doctors it was decided to insert a catheter rather than perform open heart surgery. After the procedure the woman made a good recovery, and this year she can have the surgery for her appendicitis.

According to the heart surgeon responsible for her case, the aortic valve is the opening through which the heart sends blood throughout the entire body, and it can narrow due to factors such as aging or disease, resulting in a reduction in the flow of blood and necessitating the insertion of a replacement aortic valve if the condition is to improve. Otherwise, if the condition is treated with medication alone, the death rate within one year is as high as 50 percent, but every year 3 percent of sufferers cannot have surgery because they are too advanced in age or their problem is compounded with other conditions.

(Liberty Times, translated by Paul Cooper)





1. appendicitis n.

盲腸炎 (mang2 chang2 yan2)

例: Appendicitis is an extremely painful condition.


2. recur v.

復發 (fu4 fa1)

例: Your condition will continue to recur until you do something about it.


3. advanced in age adj. phr.

年長的 (nian2 zhang3 de5)

例: People who are advanced in age should avoid strenuous exercise.


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