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Education Level Linked to nearsightedness

A small dog wears pink sunglasses in New York on Sept. 9.

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In a German study, half of those with a university degree were myopic compared with less than a quarter of folks who quit after high school or secondary school.

Nothing says “overeducated egghead” like a pair of coke-bottle glasses. But even cliches sometimes hit the nerd on the head. Because a new study finds that nearsightedness is linked to the number of years spent in school.

In the past century, the incidence of myopia has been on the rise. So much so that it cannot all be blamed on geeky genes.

To nail down the potential environmental influences, researchers focused on the classroom. They gave eye exams to nearly 5,000 German subjects in a project called the Gutenberg Health Study. The researchers found that individuals with 13 years of education were more myopic than those who didn’t get past primary school.

All that learning takes a lot of reading. Which itself is associated with nearsightedness. Or the nearsighted may gravitate toward pursuits easier to see — like hitting the books. Either way, it seems that being a good student may not require great pupils.

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1. nothing says ... like ... phr.

說到...就像... (shuo1 dao4 ... jiu4 xiang4 ...)

例: Nothing says love like homemade chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of hot sauce.


2. nerd n.

書呆子 (shu1 dai1 zi5)

例: He plays a nerd in the new TV show.


3. so much so that ... phr.

達到如此程度以至於 (da2 dao4 ru2 ci3 cheng2 du4 yi3 zhi4 yu2)

例: He is ill, so much so that he cannot walk alone.


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