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Another Greater Kaohsiung factory shut down for dumping toxic wastewater
鳳山溪又一廠商 排廢水違法被停工

Environmental workers take water quality samples in Taoyuan County’s Dayuan Township on Oct. 17, 2012.

Photo: Lee Jung-ping, Liberty Times

Yet another edible oil plant near the Fongshan River watershed in Greater Kaohsiung has officially been shut down. The local government found that Chang Guann Co was dumping toxic water in the river, which makes it the third company in half a year to be shut down for illegal dumping. The highest fine possible of NT$600,000 was handed down to the factory, which was forced to halt operations.

Greater Kaohsiung’s Environmental Protection Bureau says that since 2011 refined edible oils’ manufacturer Chang Guann Co has a record of causing water pollution four times. On April 18 it was also discovered that the company’s disposed toxic wastewater is taking a toll on the water flowing in Fongshan River. The company has been punished and its plant has been closed in accordance with the Water Pollution Control Act.

Yang Han-tsung, head of the bureau’s Environmental Inspection Division, says that the test results for chemical oxygen demand and biochemical oxygen demand were relatively high. Water quality tests were completed on April 25, and fines were issued according to the law, Yang says, adding that the company has not made any statements.

It was reported at the beginning of April this year that Fongshan River-based Golden Brand shredded squid-maker Chin Chi Shun Industrial Co was allegedly also illegally dumping toxic wastewater. A vast amount of milky white wastewater was released after the factory finished cleaning squid and other seafood. The company was fined NT$600,000 and the factory was forced to shut down.

Bureau director Derek Chen says that over the past year four companies operating plants at the Fongshan watershed have been forced to shut down, adding that nearly 20 companies operating around Greater Kaohsiung watersheds have been shut down. Chen hopes that these companies will be proactive about improving their treatment of wastewater and properly operate treatment facilities to avoid polluting rivers and harming local residents’ health.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)


1. edible adj.

食用的 (shi2 yong4 de5)

例: Have you ever eaten edible underwear?


2. take a toll idiom

造成不良影響 (zao4 cheng2 bu4 liang2 ying2 xiang3)

例: This job has really taken a toll on my health.


3. proactive adj.

積極的 (ji1 ji2 de5)

例: You should be proactive about protecting your rights.








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