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Saudi woman named first editor-in-chief in kingdom

A Saudi woman and girl walk past a flower shop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Feb. 13.

Photo: AFP

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, a woman has been named editor-in-chief of a daily newspaper published in the kingdom.

The English-language Saudi Gazette announced on its Web site that Somayya Jabarti will take the helm at the newspaper. Her predecessor Khaled Almaeena wrote on Feb. 16 that Jabarti has worked with him for almost 13 years and is a determined and dedicated journalist.

He wrote on Feb. 16 in the Saudi Gazette that “it was not a question of gender but of merit that decided and earned her this opportunity.” Jabarti was formerly deputy editor-in-chief at the newspaper she now leads.

There are only a handful of journalism degrees offered to women in the kingdom, and many ultraconservative clerics in Saudi Arabia argue that women should not work alongside men.








1. take the helm v. phr.

掌舵;承擔領導責任 (zhang3 duo4; cheng2 dan1 ling2 dao3 ze2 ren4)

例: She will take the helm as the company’s chief executive officer.


2. dedicated adj.

敬業的;投入的 (jing4 ye4 de5; tou2 ru4 de5)

例: She is dedicated to helping abused women.


3. merit n.

功勞 (gong1 lao2)

例: He claims for himself the merit of his work.


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