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New Global Slavery Index estimates 30 million affected

Nepalese indentured “kamlari” girl Jayarani Tharu, left, and formerly indentured and now activist Manjita Chaudhary, right, after the rescue of Tharu from her workplace by police and activists in Kathmandu, Nepal on Dec. 13 last year.
去年十二月十三日於尼泊爾加德滿都,一位尼泊爾受契約約束或稱kamlari的女孩Jayarani Tharu(左)與前奴隸而目前為人權倡議者的Manjita Chaudhary(右),在Tharu被警察與倡議者從其工作中救出後的照片。

Photo: AFP

An estimated 30 million people worldwide are living in modern-day slavery, according to the inaugural Global Slavery Index published on Oct. 17 last year.

The index, compiled by the Walk Free Foundation (WFF), said that while India by far had the largest number of enslaved people, the problem was most prevalent in the west African nation of Mauritania, where four percent of the population was deemed to be held in slavery.

The WFF hopes the annual index will help governments to monitor and tackle what it calls a “hidden crime.”

“A lot of governments won’t like hearing what we have to say,” chief executive Nick Grono told AFP.

Established in May last year, the WFF is a 20-strong team based in Perth on the Australian west coast, founded by philanthropists Andrew Forrest — the chairman of Fortescue Metals Group — and his wife Nicola.

The foundation’s definition of modern slavery includes slavery itself, plus slavery-like practices — such as debt bondage, forced marriage and the sale or exploitation of children — human trafficking and forced labor.










1. inaugural adj.

開始的;就職的 (kai1 shi3 de5; jiu4 zhi2 de5)

例: The CEO delivered a speech at his inaugural ceremony.


2. compile v.

彙整;編匯 (hui4 zheng3; bian1 hui4)

例: He will compile an anthology of poems.


3. philanthropist n.

慈善家 (ci2 shan4 jia1)

例: Her father was a well-known philanthropist.


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