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A : I’d like to visit the manufacturer Allmaker to negotiate discounts for the online shopping site. Can I take leave on official business?

B : Why can’t you just use e-mail or the telephone to talk with them?

A : I think going in person would make it easier for us to get the discount.

B : OK. You’ll need to find someone to cover for you in the office today then.

A : 我想親自拜訪A廠商談購物網優惠折扣,可以請假公出嗎?

B : 不能只用e-mail跟電話跟廠商談?

A : 我認為親自拜訪更能談到獨家折扣。

B : 好吧,但你今天在辦公室的工作要找到人代理才行。

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