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A : Why are Tom and Jason always arguing in the office?

B : You don’t get it. That’s just their unique way of communicating.

A : But they’re fighting until they’re red in the face and give each other furious looks.

B : Just get used to it. They often go out to eat together and play sports after work. They get along really well actually.

A : 為什麼湯姆跟傑森老是在辦公室吵架?

B : 你誤會了,那是他們特有的溝通方式。

A : 但他們兩個現在已經爭得面紅耳赤、怒目相向了耶!

B : 習慣就好,其實下班後他們常一起吃飯打球,感情好得很!

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