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Starbucks hits the tracks in Switzerland

Jeannine Pilloud, left, head of passenger transportation of Swiss rail operator SBB, and Liz Muller, right, director of Global Concept Design Starbucks, applaud after unveiling the Starbucks logo painted on a railway coach at the main train station in Zurich, Switzerland on Nov. 14.

Photo: Reuters

US coffee giant Starbucks unveiled its first ever coffee house on rails on Nov. 14, promising to add a caffeine boost to train rides in Switzerland.

The coffee goliath, which has rapidly been conquering Europe since it opened its first store on the continent in the alpine country 12 years ago, has joined forces with the country’s national rail company SBB to open its first store on a train.

With the Starbucks name and distinctive green logo plastered across the outside of the two-story car, inside smiling baristas in green aprons offer up hazelnut macchiatos and mochas in a setting reminiscent of the brand’s static stores.

During the nine-month trial period, it will make two daily trips between Geneva and St. Gallen in the northeast.

(Liberty Times)







1. unveil v.

推出;揭露 (tui1 chu1; jie1 lu4)

例: A new government policy on forests is due to be unveiled in April.


2. join forces v. phr.

與…合作 (yu3 … he2 zuo4)

例: The older boys joined forces with the younger ones to sing the school song.


3. reminiscent adj.

懷舊的;引人聯想的 (huai2 jiu4 de5; yin2 ren2 lian2 xiang3 de5)

例: That song is so reminiscent of my adolescence.


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