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Mythical yeti could be descended from ancient polar bear

A masked participant of the traditional carnival cortege stands on a snowy field in southwestern Switzerland on Feb. 9.

Photo: EPA

A British geneticist said on Oct. 17 he may have solved the mystery of the yeti, after matching DNA from two animals said to be the mythical beast to an ancient polar bear.

There have for centuries been legends about hairy, ape-like creatures, also known as “migoi” in the Himalayas, “abominable snowman” in North America and “almasty” in the Caucasus mountains.

The myth was given credence when explorer Eric Shipton returned from his 1951 expedition to Everest with photographs of giant footprints in the snow.

Bryan Sykes made a global appeal last year for samples from suspected yeti and received about 70, of which 27 gave good DNA results.

Two hair samples came up trumps — one from a beast shot in the Kashmiri region of Ladakh 40 years ago and the other found in Bhutan a decade ago.

Brown bears and polar bears are closely related as species and are known to interbreed when their territories overlap, according to Sykes.

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1. credence n.

相信;信任 (xiang1 xin4; xin4 ren4)

例: Do not give credence to all the gossip you hear.


2. come up trumps idiom

好得出乎意料 (hao3 de2 chu1 hu1 yi4 liao4)

例: The team came up trumps on the day.


3. interbreed v.

異種交配 (yi4 zhong3 jiao1 pei4)

例: Wolves and dogs can interbreed and produce offspring.


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