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Lizard King: Giant reptile named after Jim Morrison

Barbatuex morrisoni, named after singer Jim Morrison.
以歌手吉姆‧莫里森命名的Barbatuex morrisoni生物。

Photo: AFP

A giant lizard that lived 40 million years ago has been named in honor of rock singer Jim Morrison, palaeontologists say.

Around 180cm from snout to tail and tipping the scales at up to 27kg, the plant-eating reptile is one of the biggest-known lizards ever to have lived on land. It competed with mammals for food in the humid tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

“We think the warm climate during the late-middle Eocene period allowed the evolution of a large body size and the ability of plant-eating lizards to successfully compete in mammal faunas,” said Jason Head of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, who led the analysis.

The palaeontologists have named the long-extinct species Barbaturex morrisoni — “Barbaturex” means “bearded king” — after the team found ridges on the underside of the jaw that give lizards a beard-like appearance. “Morrisoni” is in tribute to The Doors frontman Morrison, famed for his fascination with reptiles and shamanism.

“I was listening to The Doors quite a bit during research,” said Head. “Some of their musical imagery includes reptiles and ancient places, and Jim Morrison was of course the Lizard King, so it kind of came together.”

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古生物學家把這種早已絕種的物種命名為Barbaturex morrisoni。Barbaturex意指「鬍鬚王」,因為研究團隊在這種蜥蜴的下顎底下發現脊狀突起,使其看起來像是留了鬍子。Morrisoni則是向搖滾樂團「門」的主唱莫里森致敬,莫里森生前以對爬蟲類動物與薩滿教著迷聞名。




1. tip the scales at v. phr.

重達… (zhong4 da2 …)

例: The soldier tipped the scales at 90kg.


2. fauna n.

動物群 (dong4 wu4 qun2)

例: He is studying the diverse fauna of the island.


3. come together v. phr.

按照希望的方式進行 (an4 zhao4 xi1 wang4 de5 fang1 shi4 jin4 xing2)

例: The project started slowly, but everything is finally starting to come together now.


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