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Obama balks when asked if he is out of juice 被問到總統是否已經失勢 歐巴馬語塞

US President Barack Obama is pictured at the White House in Washington on June 4.

Photo: AFP

“Golly.” That was Barack Obama, flabbergasted at a variant of a question all US presidents get sooner or later — are you still relevant?

Obama appeared taken aback when asked at a White House news conference whether he still had the “juice” to get his agenda through clogged up Congress.

“Maybe I should just pack up and go home. Golly,” said Obama, probably thinking the question impertinent, since he is only three months into his second term.

Yet Obama can barely contain his contempt for Congress, which blocks him at every turn and threatens his hopes for a robust second-term. “My charm offensive has helped me learn some interesting things about what’s going on in Congress — it turns out, absolutely nothing,” said Obama.

The president’s joke, at the White House Correspondents dinner, betrayed frustration at banging his head against a congressional brick wall.

“You seem to suggest that somehow these folks over there have no responsibilities and that my job is to somehow get them to behave,” Obama told reporters, in a snipe at lawmakers.

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1. flabbergasted adj.

大吃一驚的 (da4 chi1 yi1 jing1 de5)

例: He was flabbergasted when we told him how cheap it was.


2. clogged up n adj. phr.

塞住的 (sai1 zhu4 de5)

例: I can’t hear you. My ears are all clogged up.


3. bang one’s head against a brick wall idiom

徒勞無功;白費力氣 (tu2 lao2 wu2 gong1; bai2 fei4 li4 qi4)

例: You’re banging your head against a brick wall trying to get that dog to behave properly.


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