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Rich roosters and romantic horses
屬雞財運最旺 屬馬感情豐收

Every year has a certain zodiac sign, and each zodiac sign will affect different people in different ways. The Year of the Snake, for example, is bad for people born in a Snake year, and the people who need to be most careful are those born in the Year of the Pig, which sits on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel to the Snake. The Year of the Snake is also a lucky year overall for those born in the Year of the Ram or the Dog.


Fortune-tellers point out that horoscope signs only tell us about the big picture, and that an individual’s astrological details, such as date and time of birth, will also influence one’s luck, as will their behavior or actions. In addition, even though lucky star signs might be influenced, to a greater or lesser extent, by unlucky elements, you can still prevent something disastrous happening to you if you know what to avoid. For example, people born in the Year of the Ram should avoid gambling, and those in the Year of the Dog should try not to break promises or renege on contracts, for if they do, they could end up paying a heavy price.


According to Chang Sheng-shu, founder of the Web site, of all the Chinese zodiac signs, in the year of the Water Snake, the luckiest sign is the Rooster, followed by the Horse, Ram and Dog. This is a very auspicious year for Roosters in terms of wealth and finances; Horses can expect a bumper harvest when it comes to affairs of the heart; good fortune awaits Rams; and the next 12 months are to be very prosperous ones for Dogs.


Chang also says that those born with this year’s star sign have no need for concern, either. For Snakes, this year is a year for contemplation and reflection, and will be a good year for examinations, perspicacity of thought, and excelling in what one does. Despite the fact that the Pig sits on the opposite side of the Chinese zodiac, which is considered inauspicious, for those born under the sign of the Pig the coming year will be good for getting engaged and for strengthening their emotional bonds with their partner. Monkeys will have ups and downs, but this year will be good for furthering friendships and learning from experience. Tigers can expect legal disputes and interference from certain quarters, but the coming year shall also be a good one for moving house, to new surroundings in which life and work will go smoothly.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Paul Cooper)



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