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Mum’s hypertension lowers child IQ
媽媽高血壓 降低孩子智商

A mother and her children participate in the 1-km race of the annual Beirut International Marathon in Beirut, Lebanon on Nov. 11.

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A mother’s high blood pressure during pregnancy may affect her child’s brain power throughout its life, the American Academy of Neurology journal suggests.

About 400 men had their cognitive ability tested at the age of 20 and then again at the average age of 69. Those whose mothers had hypertension when pregnant scored lower marks.

Hypertension may alter conditions in the womb which impairs fetal growth.

Risks to children born to mother’s with hypertension have previously been reported, but this study is the first to show possible long-lasting affects on cognitive ability.

(Liberty Times)







1. lower adj. v.

較低的;降低;降下 (jiao4 di1 de5; jiang4 di1; jiang4 xia4)

例: They lowered the coffin into the grave.


2. alter v.

改變 (gai3 bian4)

例: Although long-distance phone calls are going up, the charge for local calls will not be altered.


3. long-lasting adj.

持久的 (chi2 jiu3 de5)

例: Observers believe that the treaty will bring long-lasting peace to the region.


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