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Chocolate may protect the brain from stroke

Right: Staff make chocolate at a chocolate factory in Miaoli County’s Dahu Township.

Photo: Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times

Chocolate might not be the healthiest thing for your waistline — but research suggests it may protect against stroke. A study following more than 37,000 Swedish men showed those eating the most chocolate were the least likely to have a stroke.

Everyone taking part in the study was asked about their eating habits and their health was monitored for a decade. They were split into four groups based on the amount of chocolate they ate, with the bottom group eating, on average, no chocolate each week and the top group having 63g — slightly more than an average bar.

Comparing the top and bottom groups showed those eating the most chocolate were 17 percent less likely to have a stroke during the study.

One of the researchers, Prof Susanna Larsson, from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, said “The beneficial effect of chocolate consumption on stroke may be related to the flavonoids in chocolate.”

(Liberty Times)







1. least adv.

最不 (zui4 bu4)

例: This group is the least likely of the four to win.


2. split v.

分開 (fen1 kai1)

例: The teacher split the children into three groups.


3. beneficial adj.

有益的 (you3 yi4 de5)

例: The improvement in sales figures had a beneficial effect on the company as a whole.


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