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A : Miles, how would you translate this into English?

B : Let me take a look. It’s a really long sentence and there are so many proper nouns. You’ve got me.

A : Yeah, I checked all of the online dictionaries and still couldn’t find a translation.

B : I’ll ask my classmate. He was a chemical engineering major, so he might know.

A : 邁爾斯,請問這一句話要怎麼翻譯成英文?

B : 我看看。這一句話好長、專有名詞好多,你考倒我了。

A : 對呀,我查遍網路辭典,還是翻譯不出來。

B : 我幫你問問看我同學,他是學化工的,說不定他會。

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