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A : Now that convenience stores are using e-receipts, how are we supposed to collect the receipt lottery prize when we win?

B : If you have printed e-receipts you can claim your prize at the post office.

A : I use my Taipei EasyCard to pay, so I don’t have printed receipts.

B : You can use the e-receipt service machines at convenience stores to see if you’ve won, and then print out the receipt to get the prize money.

A : 現在便利商店改用電子發票了,如果對中要怎麼領獎?

B : 如果你拿的是紙本電子發票,可以直接到郵局領獎。

A : 可是有時候我用悠遊卡結帳,沒有列印發票。

B : 你可以到便利商店的電子發票服務機,查詢是否中獎,再把對中獎的發票列印出來就行了。

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