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Faithful dog waits for its owner at site of fatal accident
忠狗不離引回響 民眾想領養

A schnauzer is pictured in Pingtung County’s Wandan Township on June 7 at the site of a fatal car accident in which its owner died three days before.

Photo: Li Li-fa, Liberty Times

It had been three days since the fatal car accident in which the schnauzer’s owner was killed on June 5 in Pingtung County’s Wandan Township, but the faithful dog has been staying around the site of the crash. Concerned locals have been leaving food for the dog, and some have come forward offering to adopt it. Unfortunately, the dog is scared and runs away at the sight of people. As a result, it is difficult to keep track of its whereabouts. The deceased owner’s relatives have asked people in the neighborhood to let them know if they manage to catch it, so they can take it back home.

Wandan Township Chief Kuo Bao-lien has been moved by the story and says that the township office is willing to help and prevent the dog from becoming a stray. In the meantime, the office will look into the situation at the crossroads in an effort to reduce the number of traffic accidents there.

Jiasing Village Chief Lin Cheng-hsiu went to the site on June 7 to offer incense and burn ghost money in honor of the dead and pray that the owner could protect his dog and have it return home safely. Lin also asked the police to install a warning light at the crossroads to prevent further tragic accidents.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Lin Ya-ti)





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