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IAG rewards employees for coming back to work after maternity leave

Australia’s Parliament House stands in Canberra, Australia is shown in this photo taken last Wednesday.

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Insurance Australia Group (IAG), one of Australia’s largest companies, announced that it will double employees’ pay during their first six weeks back from maternity leave. That is on top of 14 weeks of paid maternity leave.

The “welcome back payment” is meant to incentivize these women to stay with the company.

“We found that women who were going on maternity leave were saying ’It’s difficult for me to come back or if I do come back it’s quite difficult to be there,’” said Mike Wilkins, CEO of IAG, “we want to make sure that we attract and retain the best people.”

Wilkins said that the bonus is cost-effective because it is cheaper than recruiting and training new staffers, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. IAG aims to have one-third of its senior managers be women by 2015.

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1. on top of prep. phr.

除了…之外 (chu2 le5 … zhi1 wai4)

例: On top of my duty, I also have to substitute for my sick colleague.


2. incentivize v.

激勵 (ji1 li4)

例: The mayor hopes that the new tax breaks will incentivize business investments.


3. aim v.

力求 (li4 qiu2)

例: We aim to close the deal by the end of this month.


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