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A : Arnold, is there a conference room available today from 2pm to 4pm?

B : No, they’re all taken.

A : OK. Will one be available later tonight then?

B : Wait. Yesterday, I think Sam said they might cancel their meeting, so there might be one available. Let me call to confirm with him and I’ll get back to you.

A : Arnold,請問今天下午兩點到四點之間,還有空的會議室嗎?

B : 沒有了,目前都滿了。

A : 好吧,請問多晚之後才會有空的會議室?

B : 等一下,Sam昨天好像有說,他們的會議可能取消,到時應該會空出一間會議室。我先打電話跟他確認,再回覆你。

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