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A : I have to send some data to a client in an e-mail. I tried sending it several times, but they keep saying they aren’t receiving it. I checked the e-mail address and it’s correct. What’s happening?

B : The e-mails might be getting blocked or mistaken for junk mail.

A : So what can I do? Do you have any suggestions?

B : I’d check the company’s mail server to see if we blocked it or they did.

A : 我要e-mail資料給客戶,寄了好幾次他都說沒收到。我核對過e-mail也沒有錯,怎麼會這樣?

B : 可能是e-mail被擋信或被當成垃圾郵件了吧!

A : 那怎麼辦?你有任何建議嗎?

B : 建議你先去看一下公司的郵件伺服器,先了解被擋的原因究竟是出於我們公司或是對方。

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