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No breaking wind, burping or slurping!

Guests get ready for their meal in a restaurant in Budapest, Hungary on April 21.

Photo: Reuters

Townsfolk in a Spanish village have been banned from farting, burping and slurping their soup in public in a new charter to combat rude behavior.

These are among 65 indelicacies that have been outlawed by the mayor of La Toba, 113km northeast of Madrid.

Touching genitals, adjusting underwear or picking noses are strict no-no’s, while coughing or yawning without covering mouths and speaking when eating are also barred. Children will get into big trouble with the local authorities if they fail to regularly visit their grandparents.

Mayor Julian Atienza Garcia, of Spain’s United Left Party, drew up the guidelines, which have been signed off by the local council, to combat people being rude in public.

But the guidelines have not been welcomed by everybpdy. Some villagers have called for his resignation after publishing the “courtesy charter” in the village newsletter. One critic posted an online rant saying the next move would be to “insert microchips in everyone’s brain to control them.”

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