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National literature museum to open translation center

The National Museum of Taiwan Literature in Greater Tainan on June 28 last year.

Photo: Hong Juei-chin, Liberty Times

The National Museum of Taiwan Literature is in the process of opening a center for the translation of Taiwanese literature. The first batch of 10 books for a project funding the publication of translated Taiwanese literature was already successfully translated and published. Lee Rui-ten, the director of the museum, says that since the museum took over the Council for Cultural Affairs’ (CCA) project for translating Chinese-language books into foreign languages in 2010, they have annually sought out literary works and provided funding for the translation of Taiwanese literature. Apart from continuing to promote translations of Taiwanese literature, the museum’s translation center will also be working hard to translate Taiwanese literature.

The main tasks of the translation center this year include setting up a database, collecting publications related to the translation of Taiwanese literature, making purchases, and doing a survey on people who translate Taiwanese literature. The museum has said that the planned translation center will also be combined with their project for a Web site about translating Taiwanese literature, which will thoroughly investigate achievements and show the current situation for translating Taiwanese literature. They are also planning to invite researchers, translators, and academics from various nations involved in Taiwanese literature to come to Taiwan to participate in conferences, symposiums, and give speeches, which will allow Taiwanese literature to gain a foothold in the global arena.

Statistics show that 272 books were translated and published abroad for the CCA’s project for translating Chinese-language books into foreign languages between 1990 and 2011. Target languages have included English, Japanese, French, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Russian, and Czech. All of the translations the museum funded from 1990 to 2011 are listed and summarized in a handbook they have published.



1. translation n.

翻譯 (fan1 yi4)

例: There are now at least 60 published translations of the Harry Potter series.


2. database n.

資料庫 (zi1 liao4 ku4)

例: The company’s customer database was breached again.


3. symposium n.

座談會 (zuo4 tan2 hui4)

例: The university is hosting a symposium to discuss current issues in higher education.






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