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iPhone sales halted after shoppers pelt Apple store
顧客蛋洗蘋果商店 iPhone 暫停銷售

A file photo in 2008 shows the Apple logo outside the Apple Store in Munich, Germany.

Photo: EPA

Enraged Chinese shoppers pelted Apple Inc’s flagship Beijing store with eggs and shoving matches broke out with police on Jan. 13 when customers were told the store would not begin sales of the iPhone 4S as scheduled.

Apple said later after the fracas at its store in Beijing’s trendy Sanlitun district that it would halt all retail sales of the latest iPhone in China for the time being, but said the phones would be available online.

An announcer with a bullhorn told the Sanlitun store crowd around 7am, before sunrise, that the phones would not go on sale as planned and that they should leave. As the crowd became more unruly, scuffles broke out between security staff and shoppers, many of whom had waited overnight in freezing weather. Police moved in and dragged some people away. Photos appeared on the Chinese blogosphere of a man who had brought raw eggs in a plastic bag, handing them out before people heaved them at the store’s glass windows.

The snafu lit up China’s microblog community. One commentator likened the queues to this month’s annual Spring Festival rush to buy train tickets home.

“If people had to make a choice, I think iPhone fans would rather buy an iPhone 4S than go home,” said the blogger.


蘋果告知顧客iPhone 4S無法如期銷售後,憤怒的中國顧客一月十三日蛋洗蘋果公司的北京旗艦店,並與警方發生推擠衝突。


早上七點天還未亮,拿著擴音器的廣播員告訴三里屯店外的民眾,iPhone 4S不會如期銷售,請他們離開。當群眾越來越失控,顧客與維安的職員發生扭打,許多人已在寒冷的天氣中等了一晚。警察介入,拉走一些人。出現在中國網誌中的照片顯示,一名男子拿著一袋雞蛋,發送給大家,接著民眾就朝蘋果商店的玻璃窗丟擲雞蛋。


部落客說,「如果有得選擇,我想iPhone的粉絲寧願買iPhone 4S而不回家。」


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