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Piano-shaped flowerbed spreads music across campus
鎮西鋼琴花台 樂聲飄揚

A solar-powered piano installation at Jhen Si Elementary School in Yunlin County last Wednesday.

Photo: Huang Shu-li, Liberty Times

Jhen Si Elementary School in Douliou Township, Yunlin County is the only elementary school in the county offering a music program. Not only has it enlivened its green and lush campus with a piece of piano-shaped installation art, it also now has a solar-powered piano that plays student recordings, surprising visitors whenever they pass by the piano.

In order to highlight the school’s distinguishing characteristic — music — Principal Chang Jui-e wants to create a music-oriented green campus by incorporating music to turn the campus into a space for art. Chang’s idea has received a lot of praise from students’ parents and local residents.

Chang said that the piano-shaped flowerbed looks very much like a real piano, which fools a good number of students’ parents and other people into believing that it is real. Only upon taking a closer look have they realized that it was a flowerbed. Based on the notion that “if there is a piano, then it should be played,” teachers at the school have used solar panels and sensors to make the “piano” play music automatically as people approach.







1. characteristic n.

特色 (te4 se4)

例: The white “v” on the chest is a characteristic of the Formosan Black Bear.


2. turn into v. phr.

變成 (bian4 cheng2)

例: Cinderella’s carriage turned into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight.


3. fool v.

欺騙;愚弄 (qi1 pian4; yu2 nong4)

例: Everyone was fooled by the article we ran on April Fool’s day.


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