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Find a spouse while voting this year
「徵婚」呼喚您 相約來投票找姻緣

A flyer for “seeking marriage” made by the Wanhua District Office to increase voter turnout and hopefully help people meet potential spouses.

Photo: Chiu Shao-wen, Taipei Times
照片: 自由時報記者邱紹雯翻攝

In an attempt to increase voter turnout, the Taipei City Wanhua District Office has come up with an advertisement nominally for seeking marriage, which includes government employees who are helping with the election and who are also handsome bachelors and pretty bachelorettes in hopes of attracting more voters and finding potential spouses. “None of us are married. Would you like to get acquainted? You will have the perfect opportunity on election day on Jan. 14.”

There are pictures of 11 civil servants who are helping with election matters printed on the promotional flyers the Wanhua District Office has made to encourage voter turnout. The Chinese characters for “seeking marriage” in very large print actually give people the impression that it is an advertisement for a matchmaking club. People’s reactions have been split between those that think it is creative and those who say it is a misuse of feminine charm.

Wanhua District head Chou Te-wei said, “Our colleagues don’t have time to find boyfriends and girlfriends because they’re so busy working every day in their civil service capacity, so I have a huge responsibility.” Chou laughingly said that if this can bring better luck to his co-workers in finding spouses, he would happily serve as grand matchmaker. Election event employees are not the only ones exerting all the effort. Chou has also made life-size cardboard cutouts of himself as part of the promotional events for the election, and has placed them outside MRT station exits as well as the Red House in the Ximen area to keep reminding people to use their precious votes on Jan. 14.




「同仁每天為公務繁忙,沒時間交男女朋友,我也要負很大責任。」萬華區長周德威笑稱,若能藉此替同仁們促成好姻緣更是好事一樁,他也樂於當「大媒人」。不只選務人員 「潦落去(台語)」,周德威也製作與自己同比例大小的人形立牌,配合宣傳活動放置在捷運出入口或西門紅樓外,隨時提醒路過民眾,十四日出門投下寶貴一票。


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