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Painting for the Red House’s 103rd anniversary
西門紅樓一○三歲 祝福「畫」不完

Pictures showing a baby rabbit themed newborn baby card by Foufou Design, left, and a birthday cake design by “26 Creative” (aka Somebody Cafe), right, made to celebrate the Red House’s 103rd birthday.

Photo courtesy of the Red House

The Red House in Taipei is celebrating its 103rd birthday this month by inviting a lineup of 10 creative groups to participate in a joint exhibition titled “Each Year on This Day, a Birthday Toast” to showcase their works and mark the birth of the Red House. There will also be other offers, such as discounts through Facebook, quizzes with prizes, and codebreaking games. There will also be freebies available, such as restaurant coupons and limited-edition calendars.

Built in 1908, the Red House will celebrate its 103rd birthday next Monday. The Red House is collaborating with the western district creative coffee shop management group 26 Creative (aka Somebody Cafe) to hold the “Each Year on This Day, a Birthday Toast” joint exhibition. A total of 10 groups were invited to participate in an exhibition in which they exercise their ingenuity and create images of birthday wishes for the Red House. One of the groups, Foufou Design, uses the theme of baby rabbits in a newborn nursery to symbolize birth, while another group called Nong Li, a creative apparel shop, uses cherry blossoms and salmon. Salmon, which is known to swim upstream, represents swimming against the stream.

The birthday party will be held at 1pm on the second floor of the Red House Theater in Ximending next Monday. Candy Wine, winner of the Biggest Fans Award at the Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival, and the Emotional Machine dance team, known for their performance at the Taipei Lantern Festival’s Public Art Exhibition, will give live performances at the party to celebrate the Red House’s 103rd birthday.




1. freebie n.

免費品 (mian3 fei4 ping3)

例: You don’t need to pay for that. It’s a freebie.


2. ingenuity n.

巧思 (qiao3 si1)

例: We can’t solve this in the usual way, we need to apply some ingenuity.


3. newborn adj.

新生的 (xin1 sheng1 de5)

例: Kate was born just last week, so she’s still a newborn baby.



下週一生日當天,下午一點在西門町紅樓二樓劇場舉辦生日派對。曾獲海洋音樂祭「最佳人氣獎」的「糖果酒」,及曾在台北燈節公共藝術展大展舞藝的「Emotional Machine」舞蹈團隊現場演出,一同替一○三歲的西門紅樓喝采。


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