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Kaohsiung showcases films breaking down gender stereotypes
「性別。愛越界」影展 高影館跨界

A poster for the Gender. Love Beyond Boundaries film festival at the Kaohsiung Film Archive.

Photo: Yang Ching-ching, Taipei Times

The Gender. Love Beyond Boundaries film festival opened on Tuesday and will run through Dec. 11 at the Kaohsiung Film Archive. The event focuses on going beyond gender stereotypes, and showcases relationships that are more diverse than simply those between a man and a woman. The films being screened as part of the festival touch upon issues of gender identity, homosexuality, bisexuality, and transvestism. From the controversial nature of the subject matter to the detailed exploration of affection, the festival promises to be a feast for the eyes for movie fans.

The festival features six widely acclaimed films that have appeared recently in international film festivals. As an awareness of gay rights grows, gay-themed films have become progressively more central in international film festivals, prompting many to create a separate category for them. This festival is not limited to gay themes, however, and explores love, friendship, family, marriage, and other facets of life from perspectives that go beyond traditional gender awareness, in an attempt to get back to fundamental forms of love and hope that are inherent to human nature.

The six films are: L’Amour Fou, So Hard to Forget, Gigola, Three, Happy, Happy, and Loose Cannons.







1. a feast for the eyes idiom

一飽眼福 (yi1 bao2 yan3 fu2)

例: The fireworks display promises to be a feast for the eyes.


2. acclaimed adj.

受好評的 (shou4 hao3 ping2 de5)

例: Before he turned to alcoholism, he was an acclaimed actor.


3. prompt v.

促使 (cu4 shi3)

例: I decided to change jobs myself. Nobody prompted me to do it.


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