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Singing Along the Path — Creative Photography by Timothy Huang

A series of Timothy Huang’s photographs.

Photo: Courtesy of Timothy

For the average person, painting and photography are two disparate fields. Thanks to certain advances in technology, photographer Timothy Huang was able to combine the two, using a digital post-production technique called “stitching and mending,” which has allowed him to express the beauty of what he sees.

Chen Chao-hsien, director of Sunny Art Museum where Huang’s works are on display, said that Huang’s natural landscape photos are like paintings and that they possess a very solid composition.

Chen said digital technology is helping traditional photography, and says Huang, for example, spent over a month photographing a single scenic spot dozens of times from different angles, and then puts the photos together using the digital process of “stitching and mending” to form one huge piece of art. Photos of flowing water, waterfalls or clouds, however, cannot be put together because the lines do not match.

Timothy Huang was born in Greater Kaohsiung’s Meinong Town in 1954. He started to use his father’s double lens reflex at the age of six, and had a 135mm camera by the age of 22. From that point on, he started taking documentary photos and doing street photography. Over the years he has accumulated a lot of pictures, but felt like there were too few pictures with sceneries he really liked.

When Huang saw the pictures Ansel Adams took in Yosemite Valley, he started to realize that making something no one has made before you requires one to carry around a lot of heavy equipment and that it also, necessitates an unyielding perseverance and a simultaneous veneration and fear of the divine creator while you wait for what Henri Cartier-Bresson calls “the decisive moment.”

Information on the exhibition

Title: “Singing Along the Path—Creative

Photography by Timothy Huang”

Date: Sept. 9 to Oct. 24, 2011

Where: Sunny Art Museum

No.95, Zhongxiao St., Zhudong Township, Hsinchu

County 310, Taiwan








The exhibition is titled “Singing Along the Path,” which is an allusion to the Song Dynasty painter Liang Kai’s portrait of Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai. In the portrait, Li is depicted facing the wind and making a gesture that moves his sleeve while he recites a poem as he is about to enter the world of the immortals.

When asked why he chooses landscapes as the main subject of his photographs, Huang replied that landscape painting has a very long history, especially Chinese landscape painting, and that it not only records sceneries, but is also filled with humanistic connotations. He said landscapes as subjects are the easiest way to communicate the author’s thoughts and reach the realm of Chinese painting known as “fusing the immortal with the mortal.”

The exhibition includes 42 photos. The biggest one is two meters high and 3.5m long.











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