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Four generations in the TRA —dad-daughter on same train
四代都台鐵人 父女同車值勤

Luo Yi-ting, right, poses with her father, Luo Chien-cheng, for a photo session during a media campaign in front of a Taroko Express train in Cidu, Keelung City on Aug. 8.

Photo: Liao Chen-huei, Taipei Times

Growing up as a child Luo Yi-ting seldom had a chance to celebrate Father’s Day with her dad because he was always away at work. Her father, Luo Chien-cheng, has worked for the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) for 36 years and is now a train conductor. This year was different from previous years, though. Yi-ting recently started working as the head of a train crew, so she was fortunate enough to be on duty with her dad for the first time ever and spend Father’s Day with him on the same train.

At Cidu Station as her father reached the end of his shift, he stood on the platform kindly asking her if she had to stay on duty or no. This Father’s Day is definitely his most special because his daughter was on duty with him and they were on the same Taroko Express train together. A father-daughter duo working together on the same train is a rare event at the TRA.

Yi-ting’s great-grandfather, grandmother and father have all worked for the TRA. Chien-cheng said that being on duty with his daughter made this Father’s Day a most unforgettable one.

Since she was a child, Yi-ting has rarely seen her dad. Thus, she set the goal for herself of passing the TRA exam so that she could experience firsthand the hard work her father has done for so many years. Whenever she boards the train she bears in mind her dad’s reminder about always being nice, considerate, and sincere to passengers

(Liberty Times, Translated by Taijing Wu)





1. seldom adv.

難得 (nan2 de2)

例: After having the baby, they seldom had time to go out with friends.


2. unforgettable adj.

難忘的 (nan2 wang4 de5)

例: That is probably one of the most unforgettable experiences I ever had.


3. firsthand adj.

直接的 (zhi2 jie1 de5)

例: It’s increasingly hard to find people who can give firsthand accounts of WWII.




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