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Who let the dogs in the yoga class?
真是好狗命 狗狗也要練瑜珈

Doga instructor Suzi Teitelman and dog Roxy are pictured in, a straddle pose , Florida in 2009.

Photo: Reuters

When yoga goes to the dogs, they call it doga.

And while doga may not, fitness-wise, measure up to a game of fetch or a run on the beach, experts say practicing yoga with your pet can soothe the not-so-savage beasts of both person and pooch.

“I consider it partner yoga,” said Suzi Teitelman, a Florida-based instructor who has been teaching doga to man, woman and beast since 2002. “It’s my lifelong passion.”

Teitelman stumbled upon doga because her dog liked to lie under her while she practiced.

“When you feel good, they feel good,” she said. “They want to be around your goodness.”

Classes, DVDs and a training manual followed. Teitelman said she’s trained more than 100 people around the world in doga, some from as far away as China and Japan.

Disco yoga, kid yoga, beach yoga, spin yoga and yogalites are but a few of the trendy hybrids saluting the sun at fitness centers these days, all takeoffs on the 5,000-year-old practice that coordinates movement and breath.

But Teitelman insists she teaches a traditional yoga class, even if the downward facing dog is flesh and blood.

“We chant together to feel the vibrations, then we start moving into twists and turns,” she said.

Traditional poses such as warriors, triangles and backbends follow, possibly enhanced by a little dog balanced at the belly or waist.

Teitelman believes the rewards of yoga accrue to human and animal alike.

Doga isn’t about dogs doing yoga, but rather owners interacting with their dogs.

Teitelman also believes doga can embrace other domesticated creatures.






1. measure up to v. phr.

等量齊觀;符合 (deng3 liang4 qi2 guan1; fu2 he2)

例: The results didn’t quite measure up to her expectations.


2. stumble upon v. phr.

偶然接觸到 (ou3 ran2 jie1 chu4 dao4)

例: I stumbled upon this book when I was at the bookstore yesterday.


3. be enhanced by v phr.

加強;加持 (jia1 qiang2; jia1 chi2)

例: The wonderful acting in the movie was enhanced by a great cast and an impeccable script.













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