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Hong Kong probes ‘racy’ policewomen photos

A man reads a local newspaper in Hong Kong Thursday featuring front page photos of policewomen posing in controversial images.

Photo: AFP

Hong Kong police said last Thursday they were probing Internet photos showing a group of policewomen in controversial poses, pointing guns at each other and pulling up their uniform skirts.

The photos, including one in which two policewomen touch a colleague’s breasts, and another group dressed in their underwear, were splashed in the territory’s Chinese-language dailies this week.

A police spokesman told AFP that an internal disciplinary inquiry has been launched following the media reports. He confirmed the pictures were posted on the personal blog of a female police officer who he did not identify.

“The police are investigating this and we will take action if they are found to have breached any disciplinary rules or the police code of conduct,” he said.

According to local reports, the female officer, said to be 25 years old, has uploaded over 100 photos since joining the force in 2007, on a blog billed as “the diary of a policewoman.”

Controversial photos involving Hong Kong’s police force are not new. Last November, a photo showing a policeman’s relative pointing a handgun at him in jest was published in a local newspaper.

And in 2009 there was consternation over a series of photos showing a couple, both police officers, in romantic poses while on a bicycle patrol.











1. breach v.

違反 (wei2 fan3)

例: You breached our agreement, so the contract is null and void now.


2. in jest adv. phr.

鬧著玩地 (nao4 zhe5 wan2 de5)

例: We were teasing you in jest. Don’t take it seriously.


3. consternation n.

大為吃驚 (da4 wei2 chi1 jing1)

例: The child demanded his mother buy more vegetables at the grocery store, much to her consternation.


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