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A: Steven, I’d like to talk to you about revising down our team’s sales quota for the third quarter.

B: Why? Your team’s sales have always been the best in the company. Have you no confidence in your colleagues?

A: No, that’s not the case. This performance target was decided during the peak season at the beginning of the year, but the local market has recently shrunk.

B: I suggest you compile your team’s performance for the past three months into a report, and then we’ll discuss it further.

A : Steven,我想跟你討論下修我們組第三季的業績標準。

B : 為什麼?你們組業績一向是全公司最好的。你對同事沒信心嗎?

A : 不是。這個業績目標是在年初旺季定的,但近來國內市場萎縮了。

B : 我建議你先整理近三個月的業績報表給我看,我們再討論。

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