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Swiss ‘JetMan’ makes Grand Canyon flight
瑞士「火箭人」 成功飛翔美大峽谷

Yves “JetMan” Rossy is shown in flight over the Grand Canyon West in Arizona on May 7. Grand Canyon West is a tourist destination that the Hualapai Native American tribe opened in 1988.

Photo: Reuters

A Swiss adventurer has finally made a “historic” jetpack-powered flight above the Grand Canyon, organizers claimed on May 10, days after he canceled a bid saying he had not trained enough.

Yves Rossy, dubbed “JetMan,” completed the eight-minute flight over the May 7-8 weekend, his support team said in a press release four days after a failed attempt, which journalists had been invited to watch.

Pictures and videos released by organizers showed him being dropped from a helicopter and then soaring above the world-famous landmark, his jetpack wing strapped to his back, before deploying a parachute to land on the canyon floor.

He flew at speeds of up to 304 kph, skimming the rockscape just 65m above the rim of the canyon, the statement said.

“My first flight in the US is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences in my life, not only for the sheer beauty of the Grand Canyon but the honor to fly in sacred Native American lands,” Rossy was quoted as saying.

“Thank you Mother Nature and the Hualapai Tribe for making my lifelong dreams come true,” he said according to the press release, referring to the Native American tribe over whose territory he made the flight.

The 51-year-old — who has previously flown across the English Channel between Britain and France and over the Swiss Alps — invited media to a remote spot on the Grand Canyon’s western end to watch his flight on May 6.

But at the last minute he announced he had only just been given formal Federation Aviation Authority (FAA) approval to fly, and had therefore not had enough time to train.

Rossy’s organizers stressed on May 10 that the FAA delay had prevented him from flying on May 6, adding that he had made the successful flight over that weekend, without announcing it to journalists who attended the failed May 6 attempt.

“It was his date with destiny, and ultimately the uniquely complex certification process could not prevent [Rossy] from making his historic flight through Grand Canyon West [that weekend].”













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