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Crocodile loses appetite after swallowing cell phone
鱷魚誤吞手機 胃口盡失

A crocodile in Ukraine who swallowed a cell phone has refused to touch his food for a month and attempts to let nature take its course have so far failed, vets said on Jan. 22.

The Nile crocodile named Gena, who turns 15 this month, swallowed the phone when a visitor tried to take a picture of him in late December. The ring tone could be heard from inside the reptile for several days afterwards.

Eduard Manukyan, a representative of the aquarium in Ukraine’s eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk, said that Gena’s condition was worsening by the day but staff fear an operation to extract the phone may be too dangerous.

“He moves around, goes into water but has not eaten for a month,” Manukyan told AFP.

In an effort to induce bowel movements, vets gave Gena laxatives and vitamins injected in quail but he refused to touch it.

“Now we will be trying to warm up the water and air to speed up digestion,” Manukyan added.










1. let nature take its course phr.

順其自然 (shun4 qi2 zi4 ran2)

例: You will be fine in a couple of days. Go home, rest, and just let nature take its course.


2. extract v.

取出;得到 (qu3 chu1; de2 dao4)

例: It took the police exactly 17 minutes to extract the confession from him.


3. induce v.

促使 (cu4 shi3)

例: I’m sure they taste fine, but nothing would induce me to eat insects.


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