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What the year has in store: Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake and Horse

Tiger 虎

The year of the rabbit will be very auspicious for you. You have to seize the opportunities you get to show what you are made of. There will be no second chances. Be cautious when you encounter obstacles. If you navigate these well, you will not only turn the tide of danger, you may even do quite well for yourself.


For 2011:

Money: Your finances will be favorable and your business will flourish. Some petty people might be jealous of you, but pay them no mind. You must be very cautious when managing your money. Save money for rainy days. Don’t gamble and don’t be opportunistic.

Love: You will experience ups and downs, especially if you’re a man. There will be several chances to fall in love if you’re single. Take them seriously and choose wisely.

Health: You will overcome all kinds of minor ailments and turn bad luck into good fortune. You will be busy at work, and you will often feel drained and have trouble sleeping. Your immune system will suffer, and you might experience shoulder pains.





Rabbit 兔

The year of the rabbit will treat you well and your business will be prosperous. You will do well on the financial side. Promotion may come your way, bringing riches and fame. Your investments or your enterprise will bring you benefits. You should avoid arguments with other people. It is suggested to appease the god Taisui to bring you peace. You can carry jade pendants to turn bad luck into good fortune.


For 2011:

Money: Your financial situation will make a turn for the better. In addition to your regular income, you might earn considerable amounts of money. You should not be greedy when it comes to ill-gotten wealth. Avoid improper thoughts.

Love: Your love life will go without a hitch this year. Married couples and lovers will deepen their relationship. Single men and women will have more chances to fall in love, and might meet their ideal mate.

Health: You might work too hard and sometimes have headaches. You might also suffer from insomnia and feel low. The most important thing this year is to have a routine.





Dragon 龍

Your situation this year will be fairly good. There might be some ups and downs, but an important person will help you out in some situations, and so it won’t be too much of a problem. You should not be opportunistic and keep your feet firmly rooted on terra firma.


For 2011:

Money: Your finances will be up and down. Your income might suddenly increase, but it might also shrink to a point that money isn’t enough to cover expenses. This is particularly true for businesspeople.

Love: Your love life will be more tumultuous than your finances. You might be crazy in love one minute, only to break up the next. Single people will appeal to the opposite sex and might meet the ideal one.

Health: Your health will be better and you won’t suffer from any major sickness, although you might have minor ailments. Be careful to eat well and avoid dangerous activities. Sufficient sleep is particularly important to you.

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