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Mix-up clanger at Australian country music awards
糗大了 澳洲鄉村音樂獎錯頒得獎人

Australia country band Brock Country set up their equipment on the back of a trailer in front of Camp Quality during Tamworth Country Music Festival in Tamworth, Australia on Jan. 20.
這張一月二十日塔姆瓦斯鄉村音樂節舉辦期間攝於澳洲塔姆瓦斯,是Brock Country樂團在拖板車後方設置裝備的照片。

PHOTO: EPA 照片:歐新社

Organizers of Australian country music’s biggest awards night have been left red-faced as the coveted “Golden Guitar” award presentations were bungled.

The Country Music Association of Australia said it was “incredibly sorry” that a mix-up saw Lee Kernaghan handed the award for Album of the Year instead of the rightful winner, Graeme Connors.

They said the wrong envelope was given to the host of the awards night on Jan. 22, which marked the end of the 39th annual Tamworth Country Music Festival — the nation’s most famous celebration of the genre.

“We clearly don’t believe that this is good enough for country music, we don’t believe it’s good enough for the artists, we are incredibly sorry,” association general manager Cheryl Hayes told the media on Jan. 23.

Hayes said that after the award — the final one of the night — had been given out, “a great deal of confusion ensued” and it was not possible to repeat the presentation with the correct winner.

Kernaghan — winner of the Top Selling Album of the Year award — later congratulated Connors, saying he was feeling “fairly philosophical about this.”

“There is such thing as human error and this is what occurred on the night,” he said in a statement.

Connors said the mistake had been corrected “and in the current situation with so many dire events surrounding us, is a very small hiccup,” alluding to the flood crisis currently gripping large areas of the nation.

The country music association has vowed to probe the “major error” which is reminiscent of last year’s Australia’s Next Top Model mistake in which the wrong young woman was named the winner of the reality show on live TV.




1. bungle v.

失誤;搞砸 (shi1 wu4; gao3 za2)

例: The thieves totally bungled the robbery when they accidentally locked themselves in the bank vault.


2. human error n. phr.

人為疏失 (ren2 wei2 shu1 shi1)

例: The investigation revealed that the system breakdown was caused by a computer virus, not human error as previously thought.


3. small hiccup n. phr.

小事一樁 (xiao3 shi4 yi1 zhuang1)

例: This is more than a small hiccup. The entire MRT system is flooded.











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