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Worshipper leaves 9,000 euros in Swedish church collection 瑞典教會收到匿名教友九千歐元善捐

A file photo taken on May 18, 2005 shows a church in Sweden’s most northerly town, Kiruna.


While the global economic crisis has forced many to tighten their belts, one elderly worshipper in Sweden left over 9,000 euros in cash at her local church collection, an official said last week.

The unidentified woman, believed to be in her seventies, made the gift after pastors appealed for donations for international aid projects, Krister Klint, a verger at the Caroli Church in the southwestern Swedish town of Boraas, told AFP.

“When the service was over, she came forward and said in broken Swedish that she wanted to make a donation. She had a homemade brown envelope in her hand. So she handed it over to church wardens, and they took it into the back room with the rest of the collection,” Krister said.

“They opened the envelope and were shocked to find a note on which was written ‘100,000 kronor’ (9,200 euros, US$12,200). There was a wad of money with 1,000- and 500-kronor bills,” he added.

Klint told AFP the church usually collects around 70,000 to 80,000 kronor each year, but had no idea as to the identity or the whereabouts of the mystery donor.

“I’ve never seen her before. I’m not sure she will like all this attention, seeing as she made an anonymous donation. But surely it can’t be wrong to express your joy over such a generous act?” he said.

All of the collections made by the Caroli Church will go towards aid projects in developing countries.(AFP)






Mick: I haven’t see you for a while, Paul. What have you been doing?

Paul: I was part of an expedition that climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for charity. I’ve just got back.

Mick:Really? Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier?

Paul: I told you about it weeks ago. You’ve got a memory like a sieve!

Mick:That’s true. Anyway, how was the expedition?

Paul: It was fantastic. It was a great experience, and we raised over $100,000 for charity. Why don’t you come next time?

Mick: Perhaps I will — if I remember!








a memory like a sieve 記性很差

A sieve is a piece of kitchen equipment that lets liquid through, so a person with a memory like a sieve has a very poor memory.

「sieve」是可過濾液體的廚房用品,所以某人有「a memory like a sieve」,就表示他的記性很差。





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