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Carrier pigeons fly cellphones to prisoners in Brazil 巴西囚犯靠飛鴿傳手機

In this March 12, 2009 picture, an abandoned renovation project on Main Street has become a home for pigeons in El Centro, California.三月十二日,加州艾爾森特羅商店街上一處廢棄的整建計畫區已成為鴿子窩。照片:法新社


To smuggle cellphones into prison, Brazilian prisoners have turned to a much older form of communication: carrier pigeons.

Guards have caught two carrier pigeons carrying cellphones into a prison in Sorocaba, some 100km from Sao Paolo, a spokeswoman told AFP.

“Prison agents found the pigeons outside the Danilo Pinheiro prison but, fortunately, the birds did not have time to enter the prison building with the material,” said Rosana Alberto.

Each pigeon was carrying a small bag containing a cellphone and charger, she said. The birds were caught on two successive days.

The pigeons are a new twist to an old story. Criminal organizations like “Red Commando” in Rio de Janeiro or the “First Commando of the Capital” in Sao Paulo, which are well established in the prisons, have extensive supply networks.

They use accomplices, from lawyers to corrupt prison guards, to smuggle in drugs, weapons and cellphones to the prisoners, according to the police.(afp)









Brazilian prisons are frequently subject to mass escapes and violent riots. Conditions inside the prisons are thought to be amongst the worst in the world.


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