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Bike sat-nav system to be ready in July 鐵馬逍遙遊 衛星導航七月上路

A satellite navigation system for a bicycle is shown earlier this month in Ilan County. Many bike enthusiasts consider the new invention a must-have accessory.


Biking has recently become an extremely popular form of exercise. However, when bikers go to an unfamiliar city it’s easy to get lost and miss the scenery, which can detract from their enjoyment.

In response, the Ilan County government has announced a new plan for an “Ilan Tourism and Recreation Map for Bikers” which involves establishing a satellite navigation system for dedicated bicycle paths. After this plan is completed and enacted in July, bikers who install the devices will be able to ride along the designated routes without the fear of getting lost preying on their minds.

Because cars and scooters are not allowed to enter dedicated bicycle paths, the majority of bicycle paths have not been included in satellite navigation systems for cars. Satellite navigation systems for bicycles are somewhat similar to car navigation systems in terms of functionality and design concepts, but come with extra features such as bike speed, mileage and readings on heart and lung activity to allow bikers to understand their bodies and how much exercise they are getting.

The Ilan County government commissioned the Ilan County Cycling Association to conduct a consensus on bicycle paths within the county, including the Ilan River bicycle path in Ilan City and Dongshan River bicycle path in Dongshan Township. The consensus included research into information such as special features of bicycle paths, vertical distances of the paths, topography and land features of the paths, nearby attractions, snacks available in the local area as well as nearby farms and landmarks.

Workers on the project will use satellite positioning to add annotations into the system for important landmarks along the bicycle paths and will combine this with links to digital photos, a system editor and satellite information to set up a network platform. Once the system is completed and ready for use, bikers will be able to enter bicycle paths and set their satellite navigation devices. Their current position will then be displayed on a monitor and bikers will be able to get convenient access to information on bike paths and ramps in picture form.


Wilson: So how far are we cycling on Sunday?

Bradley:I was thinking about making it an extra long journey — about 100km.

Wilson:100km? Do you think we can ride that far in a day?

Bradley: Sure. We did 70km last time. It’s just a question of mind over matter.

Wilson:Ok, if you say so. But we’ll have to leave at about 5:00am.

Bradley: What? There’s no way I can get up that early.

Wilson: Yes, you can. It’s just mind over matter, isn’t it?








mind over matter 意志力決勝

Mind over matter is the idea that people can overcome physical difficulties through the power of determination.

mind over matter」的意思就是只要下定決心,人人都可以克服生理障礙。

Yiu Wen-hsiang, head of Ilan County government’s Department of Business and Tourism said that apart from establishing bicycle satellite navigation, the Ilan County government also conducted a consensus on stations where bicycles can be rented. They will “classify” different dedicated bicycle paths as part of the “Ilan Tourism and Recreation Map for Bikers” to give tourists a more diverse way of enjoying themselves on their bicycles.(LIBERTY TIMES, TRANSLATED BY DREW CAMERON)







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