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The Adventures of Kathleen the Great and Mark the Meek 英勇凱薩琳 與害羞馬克歷險記

Meet Kathleen the mouse and Mark the elephant. Kathleen is very brave and likes adventure, but Mark is very shy and scared of many things. But friends stay together,so Mark follows Kathleen wherever she goes. Sometimes they get into some very sticky situations.


Science fair scramble 一團亂的科學展

The annual science fair was approaching and Mark and Kathleen still had no idea what project to do. “We could try making a pinhole camera,” suggested Mark. “No, we did that two years ago. We need to think of something better than that,” said Kathleen. They sat and thought, but every suggestion was either too boring or somebody had already done it. Then Kathleen jumped up, and said, “I know exactly what to do! This will be the most unbelievable science fair project ever!”

She sprinted off to the school science lab so fast that Mark struggled to keep up with her. By the time he got there, she had already got the beakers and flasks out of the cupboard. Mark watched in amazement as she connected the beakers and flasks with tubes, then added colorful compounds. She pulled out a burner and lit it under one of the beakers.

By now Mark was getting nervous. “I hope you know what you’re doing. That looks dangerous to me,” he said. But Kathleen didn’t think so. “Relax. Everything’s under control,” she said. The liquid in the beakers began to bubble and change color, and a strange smell filled the room. “We’re almost finished. I just need one more ingredient,” said Kathleen as she reached over and plucked a hair from Mark’s eyebrow. She dropped the hair into the bubbling beaker. Suddenly there was a huge flash, a mighty bang and cloud of smoke erupted from the beaker. When the dust settled, Mark couldn’t believe what he saw. “Oh no, Kathleen. You’ve really done it this time…”




Write your own ending to the story!


Idea 1: Kathleen has created a replica of Mark! What does Mark think of that? What does the replica think of Mark?

想法一: 凱薩琳複製了一個馬克!馬克對這個複製馬克有何看法?複製馬克又是怎麼看待馬克?

Idea 2: Mark and Kathleen have switched bodies! Does Mark like being a mouse? Does Kathleen like being an elephant? Do they change back?

想法二: 馬克和凱薩琳交換了身體!馬克喜歡當一隻老鼠嗎?凱薩琳喜歡當一頭大象嗎?他們會交換回來嗎?

Idea 3: Kathleen has destroyed the school chemistry lab! What do the teachers think of that? What happens to Mark and Kathleen?

想法三: 凱薩琳毀了學校的化學實驗室!老師們怎麼想?馬克和凱薩琳後來怎麼了?



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