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Comical criminals bungle escape bid 阿呆阿瓜搞笑逃脫 互撞被逮

Marcel Pozgay, left, and Christian Michael are clad in prisoners’ clothes and play Monopoly in a cell at a former jail in Frankfurt, Germany, on Aug. 27, 2008. Hundreds more players gathered in the court of the prison. During the attempt to set up a new world record, more people than ever before played simultaneously all around the globe.


A decision to split up ended badly for two fleeing New Zealand criminals handcuffed together when they ran past opposite sides of a lamp post.

The bungling pair, who ran away from their police escort outside a court in the North Island city of Hastings, slammed into each other, ending in a dazed heap on the ground.

The poorly executed bid for freedom was caught on a security camera.

One of the men, 20-year-old Regan Reti, was sentenced to an extra month in jail for the attempted escape, although the posting of the embarrassing security camera footage on the YouTube video Web site may cause him even more discomfort.

The second man, a 26-year-old, is still to return to court for sentencing.

Reti’s lawyer said his client was anxious about being sent to prison and got a case of the “collywobbles.”










1. lamp post n.

街燈 (jie1 deng1)

例: The car slid off the road and hit a lamp post.


2. slam v.i./v.t.

猛烈撞擊 (meng3 lie4 zhuang4 ji2),

猛地關上 (meng3 de5 guan1 shang4)

: Jeff slammed the door as he ran out of the room.


3. footage n.

影片 (ying3 pian4)

例: Derek showed us the footage of his wedding.


4. anxious adj.

焦慮的 (jiao1 lü4 de5)

例: Les is anxious about his forthcoming visit to

the doctor.


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