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Berlin bear Knut has unexpected visitor as man leaps into pen 「不速之客」闖入努特圈地

Polar bear Knut plays with a cushion that he was offered with his birthday “cake” on the day of his second birthday at the zoo in Berlin on Dec. 5, 2008.


A man climbed a barrier at Berlin Zoo late last month and leaped into the enclosure that houses Knut, the German capital’s star polar bear, police said.

Neither the bear nor the intruder was hurt. Zookeepers were able to lure Knut away from the 37-year-old man from the eastern city of Cottbus, police spokeswoman Miriam Tauchmann said. The man, who jumped into a pool surrounded by rocks, approached the bear because he thought he was lonely, she said.

“He told police he wanted to keep Knut company,” Tauchmann said. The unidentified intruder, who had to be pulled from the enclosure soaking wet, was released and sent home after being charged with disturbing the peace, the spokeswoman said.

Two-year-old Knut was raised by keepers after being abandoned by his mother. He was the subject of a Hollywood movie offer and drew 3.2 million visitors in 2007 to the Berlin Zoo. He also appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. However, Knut is no longer the cuddly cub that captured the hearts of the German public. He weighs well over 100kg and has claws and teeth that can kill a man.

“It was very dangerous for him, but also dangerous for the animal,” said zoo spokeswoman Claudia Bienek, who added that Knut was aware the intruder had entered his enclosure.








1. house v.i./v.t.

住 (zhu4)

: The dormitory housed six students.


2. approach v.i./v.t.

接近 (jie1 jin4)

例: The plane decelerated as it approached the runway.


3. soaking adj.

濕透的 (shi1 tou4 de5)

例: Miles was soaking at the end of the race.


4. aware adj.

察覺的 (cha2 jue2 de5)

例: The spokesman said the company was aware of the problem and intended to fix it.



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