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Singaporeans jailed over kangaroo picture 穿「袋鼠法官」T恤 星國男子被判入獄

This file photo taken in Singapore on May 26, 2008, shows three members of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) standing outside the Supreme Court wearing T-shirts depicting a judge with a kangaroo head and a badge reading “Abolish ISA.”


Three Singaporean activists were sentenced to between seven and 15 days in jail for wearing clothes with a picture of a kangaroo dressed as a judge.

John Tan, Isrizal bin Mohamed Isa and Muhammad Shafi’ie Syahmi bin Sariman were each also ordered to pay court costs of S$5,000 (NT$109,300).

High Court Justice Judith Prakash had earlier found the trio in contempt of court after they were accused of wearing shirts bearing the kangaroo pictures on certain dates in May, within and near the court building.

Their action coincided with a hearing to assess damages in a libel case filed by Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew and his son Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, a government news release said earlier.

Tan, sentenced to 15 days’ jail, is the SDP’s assistant secretary general. Isrizal and Shafi’ie each received seven-day sentences.

“I think that there is no alternative in this case but to impose a sentence of incarceration,” Prakash said.

She took a dim view of the protest, noting that none of the men had apologized and said their action did not amount to fair criticism.

They were not immediately taken to jail. Prakash gave time for Isrizal to settle his affairs and for Shafi’ie to complete his national military training.

They are to surrender themselves on Dec. 12.

Deputy Solicitor General Jeffrey Chan argued that the worst insult someone can level against the judicial system is to call it a “kangaroo court,” the Straits Times reported earlier.

Isrizal said the image on the T-shirt was not a kangaroo but a wallaby, the report said.(AFP)





Wallace: How did your court case go, Bertram?

Bertram: I was acquitted by the jury.

Wallace: That must be a relief.

Bertram: It is. I’ve had the sword of Damocles hanging over me for months, and now I can finally relax.

Wallace: So what are you planning to do?

Bertram: I’m going to take a long break and take my mind off all my troubles.

Wallace: Good idea. Enjoy it!








the sword of Damocles 即將來臨的災難

If you say the sword of Damocles is hanging over you, you know or expect something bad to happen to you soon.

如果你說「the sword of Damocles is hanging over you(「達摩克利斯之劍」懸在你頭上)」,就表示你知道或預期不久後將發生某件壞事。









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