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Koons, creator of 'Balloon Dog,' opens major exhibit in Chicago 「氣球狗」創作者芝加哥盛大開展

Jeff Koons in Chicago on May 29, 2008.


A balloon dog painted metallic orange watches over paintings of Popeye and a sculpture of Michael Jackson.

Jeff Koons is one of the most important living artists. His first major exhibit in the US in 15 years opened late last month at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

The show features about 60 paintings and sculptures. The works span Koons’ career from 1979 through 2007. The art pieces include everyday articles, such as vacuum cleaners in glass cases and basketballs in water tanks.

“All the works are like children, you really put a lot of thought and care into them,” Koons said.

Koons has been compared to Andy Warhol. Enlarging everyday objects has become one of his main ways of producing art. His work is both popular and criticized in art circles.

One of his iconic images is Balloon Dog, which is a three-meter-high stainless steel structure. The balloon animal is for children.

Highlights of the show include paintings featuring Popeye and the Incredible Hulk. Also on display is a sculpture of the King of Pop and his pet chimpanzee, called Michael Jackson and Bubbles.

The show runs through Sept. 21.







他最具代表性的作品之一就是三公尺高的不鏽鋼雕塑品 「氣球狗」。這隻氣球造型動物是為了小朋友而設計。





1. sculpture n.

雕塑品 (diao1 su4 pin3)

例: We made a huge sculpture of an elephant.


2. exhibit n.

展覽 (zhan2 lan3)

例: Have you seen the new exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts?


3. enlarge v.i./v.t.

放大 (fang4 da4)

例: I enlarged the map to make it easier to read.


4. iconic adj.

有代表性的 (you3 dai4 biao3 xing4 de5)

例: Taipei 101 is an iconic building.


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