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Global warming brings tropical birds to Hong Kong 全球暖化使熱帶鳥類現身香港

A tropical quetzal bird in the Monteverde Biological Reserve, near San Jose, Costa Rica, on June 1, 2007. The quetzal is one type of bird that could end up going extinct because of the effects of global warming.


Two rarely seen tropical birds were seen in Hong Kong during the past month. Bird experts say it could be because of climate change.

The birds, a great frigate and a white-tailed tropicbird, were both spotted around Po Toi, Hong Kong’s southern most island.

It was the first time the white-tailed tropic had ever been seen in Hong Kong. It’s only the fourth sighting of the frigate. Both birds are usually seen in more tropical climates.

Bird expert Cheung Ho-fai said they could be in Hong Kong because of climate change.

“The birds are very sensitive to climate change. Observing them is definitely a good way to understand the changes,” he said.

But Cheung said that the sightings were not proof that climate change had affected the birds. He said the birds could have been blown astray by a typhoon.

Climate experts claim Hong Kong could no longer have winters by the middle of this century. They say average temperatures could rise by at least 1°C in the next 20 years.(STAFF WRITER, WITH DPA)









1. tropical adj.

熱帶的 (re4 dai4 de5)

例: I want to go vacation on a tropical island.


2. climate change n.

氣候變遷 (qi4 hou4 bian4 qian1)

例: Climate change is a serious problem.


3. sensitive adj.

敏感的 (min2 gan3 de5)

例: Toby is a very sensitive guy, so girls like him.


4. astray adj.

迷路的 (mi2 lu4 de5),離開正途的 (li2 kai1 zheng4 tu2 de5)

例: Anna was arrested! When did she end up going astray?


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