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‘The bad boy managed to behave well’壞男孩表現得體

Hugo Chavez, left, and Anglea Merkel greet in Lima on May 16, 2008.查維茲(左)和梅克爾本月十六日在利馬碰面時握手寒喧。照片:法新社


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez behaved well during the European Union – Latin America and the Caribbean (EU-LAC) summit in Lima, Peruvian media stressed earlier this month.

The press had feared Chavez’s trademark attacks on colleagues, which have often had him clash with Peruvian President Alan Garcia and which in recent days saw him in a row with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

But Chavez sealed his reconciliation with Merkel at the May 16-17 summit.

El Comercio, the most prestigious Peruvian daily, titled its piece on Chavez The bad boy managed to behave well.

“Despite his reputation for unpleasantness, Chavez was one of the leaders who made the most of the platforms for negotiation with other heads of state,” El Comercio noted.

For example, Chavez sought to win over center-left Paraguayan president-elect Fernando Lugo, a former Roman Catholic bishop.

“You are young. You look older on television,” Chavez told Lugo when they met in Lima for the first time.

However, Lugo has so far declined to join the pro-Chavez camp of regional politics, and stressed at a press conference that he is close to “progressive” governments like those of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, Paraguay’s closest neighbors.

The only man that Chavez attacked in Lima was Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. The two have had a long-standing clash.

“I cannot talk to Uribe. In order to do that, I would have to go down into a swamp, and I do not go down into swamps,” Chavez said.

El Comercio noted that the Venezuelan reserved three floors at the luxury hotel Casa Andina, ordered four bottles of blue-label whisky, filled his room with security cameras and asked that only his personal cook prepare him meals.


Lance: What are you watching?

Neil: Some Hugo Chavez speeches on YouTube. He doesn’t like George W. Bush much, does he? I just heard him say, “With this cowboy you can’t even talk ... The Texan who walks around shooting from the hip.”

Lance: He certainly gives colorful arguments.

Neil: That’s why I’m watching. I usually find politics rather drab, but I can’t get enough of Chavez.





shoot from the hip 好勇鬥狠的

Someone who shoots from the hip acts quickly and with a large amount of force without thinking about the consequences. For example, “Richard shoots from the hip. That’s why he always gets in so many fights.”

若說某人「shoot from the hip」,表示他動作很快,孔武有力,但做事不考慮後果。例如:「理查是一個好勇鬥狠的人,所以他總是和人發生衝突」。

Chavez was reportedly accompanied by two small dogs and a very large painting of South American independence hero Simon Bolivar.(DPA)











《商報》報導,查維茲與會期間下榻豪華酒店「Casa Andina」,他包下其中三層樓,訂了四瓶藍標威士忌,並在住房內裝滿監視錄影機,還要求只有他的御廚能為他準備餐點



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