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Thatcher's legacy? 柴契爾夫人之死音樂劇

Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, now Baroness Thatcher, at a wreath laying ceremony in London, on Nov. 9, 2007.


A play entitled The Death of Margaret Thatcher has hit the London stage, speculating about the impact of the former prime minister's passing.

Conservative titan Thatcher, 82, prime minister from 1979 to 1990 and Britain's only female prime minister, radically changed the nation during her 11 years in power, transforming the woeful economy into a powerhouse.

Playwright Tom Green's show examines why Thatcher remains a controversial figure in Britain.

Green said he was inspired to write the play after Thatcher was invited to tea by Prime Minister Gordon Brown last September. She is hardly a popular figure in Brown's governing Labour Party.

The playwright contrasted her political rehabilitation with the public promises to celebrate her death made by some left-wing figures.

"I am 37, so definitely one of Thatcher's children," he said.

"Unless you were one of her fans, she was a monster, and yet that seems to have changed. The strength of feeling about her is part of Thatcher's iconic status.

"It will be interesting, when she does die, to see what society makes of it. But this is not an essay or a polemic. I would not even characterize it as anti-Thatcher."

The play features, among other characters, a miner who vows to walk from the north of England to spit on Thatcher's grave, and a newsreader who sees the chance to announce her death as a career break.

The play's producer June Abbot said: "We were worried about the title at first, but this puts Baroness Thatcher's death on a par with events such as the death of John F. Kennedy or Princess Diana. She provokes such emotion.

"It is about how people are affected by her death in different ways. None of them talk about whether they were for her or against her."(AP)


James: I'm going to go and see that new play, The Death of Margaret Thatcher.

Kate: Do you really remember her being in power?

James: Well, sort of. I was in school in the 80s, and in the playground we used to call her "Maggie Thatcher, milk snatcher."

Kate: How come?

James: Oh when she was education minister she stopped universal free milk being given out to seven to 11 year olds. We really used to rag on her. Good job she wasn't actually there!






rag on 責罵或是開某人玩笑

To rag on someone means to scold or tease him or her.

「rag on」某人意指責罵或是戲弄他(她)。












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