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There's a horse in the living room! 登堂入室的小馬

A guide horse named Panda helps her owner get off a bus, New York City, Jan. 23, 2007.PHOTO: AP

Patty Cooper has trouble getting around and needs a wheelchair. So she decided to get an 81cm miniature horse to pull her to the bus stop and for trips into town. When Cooper is not using the horse, she wants to keep it in her living room. But her landlord said no.

The landlord is worried about horse poop, hay storage and the horse having space to walk around. But Cooper feels the horse can be house-trained and said it "just makes me so happy whenever I'm around him. I'm not lonely anymore." Cooper has already filed a humans rights complaint with the Vermont Human Rights Commission.

Many disabled people use minature horses instead of guide dogs to help them get around.

"It's just like using a guide dog," said Janet Burleson, who trains guide horses. "The horse serves the same function."

But unlike dogs, guide horses normally live outside.








1. wheelchair n.

輪椅 (lun2 yi3)

例: Todd's uncle is in a wheelchair.


2. miniature adj.

小型的 (xiao3 xing2 de5)

例: Is there such a thing as miniature donkeys?


3. landlord n.

房東 (fang2 dong1)

例: What is Angela's landlord's name?


4. disabled adj.

有缺陷的 (you3 que1 xian4 de5),殘障的 (can2 zhang4 de5)

例: There are not enough facilities for disabled people in Taiwan.


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