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Spelling a problem for native speakers 英國人,拼字爛!

Right: Vietnamese sometimes struggle with their studies, too. Hanoi, Aug. 9, 2007. 越南人有時也得要奮發苦讀。河內;八月九日。


A British university teacher is very upset that his students don't spell well. He's going to publish an article with some mistakes they make because he wants teaching at British schools to improve.

Bernard Lamb, who works for Imperial College, will publish the article in the journal Quest. Examples of mistakes he will mention are students writing "effect" instead of "affect" and "sun" instead of "son."

"It's important we draw attention to the issue," Lamb said.

In 1992, Lamb asked tutors at 17 British universities about their students' English skills. Lamb found that the tutors were "despairing" of their students' grasp of English.

Now Lamb says students' English levels have gotten even worse.

Teachers have long complained about falling English levels among native speakers. Many blame a lack of formal teaching in schools.

Text messaging and computer spell checkers are also blamed.

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1. publish v.i. /v.t.

發表 (fa1 biao3)

例: Mr Brown published an article about motorcycles last week.


2. despair v.i.

絕望 (jue2 wang4)

例: "Why do you continuously despair?" Roseanne asked.


3. complain v.i.

抱怨 (bao4 yuan4)

例: They complained about the food, so I told them to go make their own dinner.


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